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Azevedos Indústria's challenge is to design the most effective and efficient solutions for its customer's problems, from the integration of equipment in production lines, to the complete design of layouts and tailormade solutions. Azevedos Indústria puts all its EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE and DEDICATION in which project.

Therefore, Azevedos Indústria services cover areas such as: Equipment servicing directly at customers' premises or at Azevedos Indústria's facilities; Used equipment global refurbishing; Model upgrading; Spare parts supply; Start-up support and training.

Covering the whole life cycle of our products is for us a commitment and availability factor.

Innovation & Technological Development

Innovation & Development

We always try to meet the expectations and needs of the market, focusing on innovation and developing new products with the highest quality and most advanced technologies.


Ongoing co-financed projects:


Projeto Cork Suf Apoios

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Specialized Assistance Service

Any equipment sold by Azevedos Indústria benefits from specialized assistance in order to:


▪ Solve eventual problems;
▪ Carry out deeper maintenance;
▪ Replace components, among other things;
▪ Tuning equipment.


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Extending the life of Productive Equipment

Industrial Repair Service consists of the complete or partial reconditioning of the equipment.

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Comprehensive Reconditioning Service

The Integral Reconditioning Service consists of an equipment upgrade that allows the change from an old version of the equipment to a more updated one.

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Layouts and Special Machines

▪ We create solutions that respond to specific problems;
▪ We enhance the integration of equipment and support systems;
▪ We guarantee an increase in productivity;
▪ We guarantee environmentally friendly solutions with lower energy consumption.

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